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32 Years of Life and Choice

Abortion opponents march past the U.S. Supreme Court
Abortion opponents march past the U.S. Supreme Court

Oh yes 32 years ago the Supreme Court made the ground breaking decision to legalize abortion via the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, and what’s changed since then? Not a damn thing.

Ok, I realize that there are two valid sides to each opinion. Pro Choice or Pro Life, like cat and mouse destined to never get along. So some people who participate in this little debate are more committed than others, namely the Pro Lifers.

I really don’t want to turn this into a bitch session where you hear how bad the Pro Life side of the story is, namely because of my position of pro choice. While I stand firm by my decision that I am pro choice, that isn’t to say I think all Pro Life people are crazy, Christian weirdoes (that’s just most of them, there are some sane people over there…. I think). If I got a girl pregnant tomorrow, I couldn’t ask the girl to get an abortion, I just don’t think I could.

That might sound like a contradiction, but its really not. I mean after all it is pro CHOICE not pro abortion. There’s a difference. My choice would be to have my baby and raise it by whatever means necessary. There are people out there whose decision might be slightly more complicated than that. I’m not trying to say that they should have abortion; I’m also not saying they shouldn’t. All I’m trying to say is that’s their decision, plain and simple.

People like to point fingers and call names at abortion clinics, like killers and whores, some even dare rise up and call them sinners. Well I got news for you if they’re sinners what the hell are you? That’s right you’re the righteous people doing God’s will…Um sure I buy that too.

Nothing angers me more than those who judge other people and use God as their reason to do so. Does God hate these abortion clinic workers? Does God hate the 15 year old who got pregnant by a 20 year old guy who just picked up and left after? I am not a man of the cloth but as far as I know God doesn’t hate anyone, but I’m guessing he doesn’t care for people who use his name to judge other people.

So why has it come to this? People kill other people over abortion clinics because they see it as doing God’s will. I’m not sure but when people kill on a crowded bus for the same reason its called terrorism.

I’m not trying to sound anti-Christian cause really I understand completely what there stance is. I too couldn’t tell my girlfriend to get an abortion, however I couldn’t tell somebody else not to get one either, nor could I tell them to get one. Why? It’s not my place.

I know people might respond with the classic line, “Well that baby didn’t choose to die” or, “Choose life your mother did.” Those are valid points. But frankly if its such an atrocity to God, why not let that person make that decision with God.

Well seeing as for the past 32 years people have been arguing over life or choice I think they’ll keep arguing as long as the precedent stands. Well until they put some religious nut into office who attempts to change the constitution for his own nutty purposes (can anybody say Gay Marriage Amendment?), I guess we’ll just have to deal with it.