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cats on campus

I was recently back on campus, and was shocked to see the number of cats/kittens living in the rocks, under bushes, etc. This, apparently, has been going on for several years. Since then I, and a friend have been able to rescue just a few of them. The last one I got was a walking skeleton. It is clear to me, that there has not been a concerted effort to fix this situation. I do not believe, as some have said, that it is the result of ‘irresponsible students. No, this is the result of apathy, laziness, and ignorance. I have watched persons jog by, drive by, and walk by without even a backwards glance at these pathetic animals. The fact that there are not millions of cats on campus is proof of how many are dying from starvation, disease, and exposure.I know that there are others who feel as I do, and do not know what to do. They should know that there is a solution, and that there are agencies that can help. Unfortunately, there are no solutions without on-site participation.

Last Sunday, I saw one pregnant female who was crying and following people, but could not be approached. Then, there is another who has had kittens under a bush, and another with an eye infection…

There are people who are feeding, but feeding is not the whole solution, and not to feed is cruel with no permanent results. These cats must be removed and/or spayed/neutered and returned. Luckily, the ones that we got have been adopted.

I, and my friend are looking for people who want to solve this problem. Please, please respond, because we can not do this without help.