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Women Turning to the Web to Explore Their Own Sexuality

“Women Turning to the Web to Explore Their Own Sexuality?”

There is nothing wrong with modest sex, when it is combined with permanent committment, but America’s priorities? Status, race and class privilege, material accoutrements, and sex, sex, sex, while the whole world slowly drowns in blood from ground zero New York to Kashmir to Palestine…

Who is going to have sex when the whole world falls apart at the seams, O all you short-term- interests adolescent fools? The biosphere is being wrecked every day along with the rain forests, in one hundred years fossil fuels will be drying up, for all we know, it is possible that nuclear weapons, smallpox and botulism toxins are being circulated inside terrorist circles someplace, for use here and elsewhere by lunatics, in the Middle East, Palestinians and Israelis are all foaming at the mouth with blind, stupid hate, and here at home, violent crime, drugs, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, selfishness, bigotry and self delusion and heartlessness are spreading across the country. Perhaps the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the “christian” fundamentalists are right; perhaps Satan IS leading all of you by the hook like a comfortable and happily chewing herd to slaughter inside some Great Slaughterhouse, where he will be laughing at the whole lot of you.

John Lennon was right; America truly is Rome, Rome on a very quick decline.