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Safety Pushed By Senate

Newly elected Speaker Daniel Saunders and Associate Speaker Matt Pelnar took over the reigns of the Student Government Association Senate at their closing meeting of the semester.

The Senate met for its last meeting on May 8, discussing what is to come of the Senate for the up and coming fall 2002 semester. Issues surround safety were one of the major topics discussed by Senators as they looked at the future safety of students on the University of Massachusetts-Amherst campus.

“One main thing that I want to work on a Senate Safety Committee because that’s really important,” Pelnar said. “Dan met with chief of police Barbara O’Connor and they were really receptive and they know theirs a problem on campus and that they need to be fixed.”

Saunders explained that the proposed committee would look at safety issues on campus, such as call boxes, lighting problem areas and getting safety issues publicized to the UMass community.

“The Safety Committee will hopefully make sure that all the call boxes are working, make recommendations as to where call boxes should be placed, check lights to make sure that they are working, and look into having more self defense classes for students,” Saunders said. “A few senators have already expressed an interest in putting this committee together this year, and those who are selected will be very involved with Student Housing and with UMass Security.” The Senate had a Safety Committee in the 1999-2000 academic year.

Other area’s that the Senate is looking to improve for next semester is that involving diversity within the SGA. Members also explained the need to have the Diversity Committee more involved within the Senate as well. Pelnar explained that he felt that by having more communication between the cabinet and the Senate committee’s groups will be able to work more closely with one another next year.

“Another thing we want to work on is diversity, because the diversity secretary and committee weren’t really functioning within the SGA this semester,” Pelnar said. “Also the ALANA (African Latin Asian Native American) seats weren’t really taken and only one person from the ALANA caucus was still involved with the Senate at the end. It’s important to have these groups working within the Senate to give us ideas and impute.”

Senators also had the chance to say goodbye as they left their final SGA meeting of their college careers. Former Speaker Aaron Saunders explained to Senators to never give up on the administration and settle for less than deserved.