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The Blue Plate Epicurean

A traditional saloon meets the modern day pub environment. The Banshee in Dorchester is a place for friends to meet, break bread, and drink good beer. Although the signpost in the middle of the floor states you are just two miles east of Dunboyne and nine miles west of Kilkenny, you are really just a mile from UMass Boston.

The Banshee offers a casual lounging experience, where groups of friends are welcomed to frolic in the over-sized benches or smaller parties are invited to share in an intimate evening seated at the candlelit tables set for two. I discovered their secret hideaway on the upstairs level. This penthouse suite is a perfect nook, tucked away for playing pool, throwing a game of darts, or just loafing around on the marshmallow couches chatting and watching television. I enjoyed watching the passersby from the windows of the second story while sipping on a pint of Guinness. The best part was the full service bar situated in the back corner.

Before lounging around upstairs, I sat at one of the family-style benches with a group of friends. We were hungry and the food was plentiful. We ordered a Caesar salad ($3.95), mozzarella sticks ($4.95), home-style onion rings ($4.25), nachos and cheese ($3.95), and the hand- cut fries with curry sauce ($4.50). The hand carved, lightly battered onion rings were a huge hit, and their match was the hand cut fries. Love that curry!

The Banshee’s kitchen manager, Arthur, takes pride in the diversity and presentation of his dishes. The menu presents with some old time favorites such as shepherds pie ($7.95) a huge portion of beef, vegetables and gravy topped with mashed potatoes and cheese. I walked by one table where four women each ordered this dish. Not a word was spoken, just the sound of the fork scraping against the bottoms of the au gratin dishes. The fish and chips was a team favorite at our table. A hearty portion of fresh fish was served lightly coated in the ‘secret batter’ with fresh cut fries and tartar sauce ($8.25), not a single crumb for the doggy bag. How about some good old bangers and beans? This dish is served with a choice of potato and veggie ($5.95). Now that will bring many of you back to your own childhood.

With breakfast served all day and prime rib on dinner special for Friday and Saturday nights, you are sure to find something on this menu to your liking. The Irish breakfast will not break the bank ($7.95), but it will beat your appetite. This large helping of sausage, bacon, home fries and toast is served with white & black pudding. I must admit that is the only pudding I know about, because we were too full to consider asking about dessert.

Whether you are looking for a place to hang your hat to watch the latest sports event, or just to be comfortable and enjoy a home cooked meal, the Banshee is sure to accommodate your needs.

The Banshee

934 Dorchester Avenue