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Letter to the Editor: On Developing a Valuable Resource

Dear Editor,

[The following is my personal opinion and not that of the Student Senate.]

The most stressful issue up until a few weeks ago has been, you guessed it, the creation of the ombudsman position. I acknowledge Mr. Christopher Garner for identifying some systematic problems and proposing the position of ombudsman as a hopeful solution. It might have even worked out better.

However, Mr. Garner has partially derailed the initiative and steered off the appropriate path by displaying his incapacity to behave professionally and act civilly in a public setting. Mr. Garner does not want the Campus and Community Affairs Committee or the Senate to do its part; he wants to railroad this position and get it up and running without appropriate guidelines and policies. That is simply wrong.I imagine the position of ombudsman to be a valuable resource for students and the University. Like any position, it must be developed with great consultation and careful planning. This may take time, but better we develop a position that is stable for ten years and not one.The Chancellor has stated her support for this student initiative and I am quite sure she will understand if developing this position takes time. I advise the Student Senate to move progressively on this issue, not hastily. Let us develop a timeline with obtainable goals. Let us think methodically and logically. Let our minds not be adulterated by irrational emotions. Let us develop this position for the students’ sake and not a student’s sake.

Sincerely,Tuan Pham

[Editor’s Note: Tuan Pham is currently the vice-president of the UMB Undergraduate Student Senate.]