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Monday Oct 28 – Sunday Nov 3

Monday October 28

12:27am- A power shutdown caused the alarm in the Administration Building to go off.

2:40pm- A car was broken into in the Wheatley Hall garage. A CD player was taken. They almost always seem to take things of value.

4:43pm- A disturbance was reported in the Healey Library’s eighth floor. Two people were arguing about the use of a cell phone. When the police arrived, the parties didn’t want to pursue the matter, probably because they feared humiliation and general ridicule in Police Log.

5:27pm- A suspicious-looking box was reported in the Administration Building. Police checked it out and found it filled with toys. Police Log would like to thank the person who reported it in aiding the War On Terror (TM). Toys, like Mr. Hussein, can be very, very dangerous.

Tuesday, October 29

6:40pm- Off-campus incident was reported. Somebody sustained an injury while riding the shuttle bus.

Wednesday, October 30

3:48pm- 911 hang-up by University Drive North, reportedly some kids playing with the callbox.

Thursday, October 31

6:49am- A break-in was reported in the Administration Building cafeteria. The person must have been extremely hungry to be driven to steal cafeteria food.

8:48am- Four kids were caught running around the library. Police escorted them to Harbor Point and spoke with the their mothers.

12:24am- 911 hang-up in Wheatley Hall. The extension was checked out, as well as the area, and everything seemed to be all right.

Friday, November 1

7:34am- Person accidentally set off an alarm in Wheatley Hall while trying to turn it off, thus re-affirming the alarm’s existence.

Saturday, November 2

3:51pm- Biker was hit by a truck on University Drive West and taken to the hospital by ambulance. Bike versus truck. Short fight.

Sunday, November 3

7:16am- Four kids were acting up at a shuttle bus stop. They ended up throwing rocks and breaking a bus window. The kids were long gone by the time the bus driver came back to report the incident.

Public Safety Emergency Number

911 (from any on-campus callbox)

617- 287- 7777