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letters to the editor:

Thanks for the sarcastic response [Mass Media, October 31]. I am sorry you feel the posters are annoying, pointless, and filled with annoying quotes. Their purpose is simply to make you think twice about cheating.

The issue of not having the posters approved: I had the right intentions, but I did not know the full procedures. The Student Senate told me I needed to have Campus & Community Affairs (CCA) committee approve each poster. The words I added, “Sponsored by CCA”, were the only reason it required approval by CCA.

FYI: Before anyone hangs a poster on campus, he/she must check with the Student Life staff (Wheatley-4-181) for guidelines. My posters were stamped at the Student Life office.

If a student’s posters are sponsored by a student agency (club), he/she must get the agency’s approval first and then have Student Life approve and stamp it.

It is not clear you know the difference between an approved “cheat sheet” and cheating. An approved “cheat sheet” has been approved by a professor for the class; normally, an 8 1/2″ x 11″ single- (double-) sided sheet; containing formulas, etc. The professor expresses his/her approval to use this “cheat sheet” during the exam. The professor will sometimes allow you to bring in some of your own notes. If you bring in more than you are allowed that is cheating. It is up to the individual professor to clearly define what is allowed and to penalize offenders.

John Laraway

CM 2003

[Editor’s note: This letter was submitted on November 2, but due to an oversight was not included in the November 7 issue of The Mass Media.]