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Editorial: Thanksgiving-Thank God!

You may have noticed one of the red banners on the front cover announcing that our next issue will be December 5, 2002. The reason being that next Thursday, when The Mass Media normally hits the stands, is Thanksgiving. Frankly, we are really looking forward to having next week off.

Overall, this has been a fairly difficult semester for the staff of The Mass Media.

First, one of our lead reporters, JP Goodwin passed away. That dark cloud has hung over the newsroom all semester.

Now, two of our editors are resigning. One has already resigned, and another will be leaving at the end of the semester. A third editor, the Editor-in-Chief, may resign at a moment’s notice if a decent job becomes available.

And, as always, we’ve had our normal difficulties with the administration and staff that like to yank our chain (or “pull the purse-strings,” as the courts often refer to those types of censorship.)

But every death is a re-birth here at The Mass Media. Plans are already under way, with two issues left in the semester, to redesign the newspaper to a slightly less voluminous size.

That is the spirit of journalists-roll with the punches. So, as we eat our meager Thanksgiving Day meals, what remains of The Mass Media staff will be thinking weeks and months into the futureplanning the next incarnation of the indestructible Mass Media.

If you, dear reader, have comments or suggestions on what should go and what should stay, speak now or forever hold your peace.

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