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Nov 12 – Nov 17

Tuesday, November 12

4:48am- A fan caused a fire alarm to accidentally to go off in Wheatley Hall.

3:54pm- A minor accident resulted in some property damage in Wheatley Hall.

5:21pm- Fire reported outside of the Science Center. Someone reported seeing smoke coming from an ashtray. Yes, an ashtray, of all places for smoke to be coming out of.

5:51pm- 9-1-1 hang-up by University Drive North

9:00pm- Alarm call in Wheatley Hall. Police responded, and everything seemed to be all right.

Wednesday, November 13

7:49am- Another alarm call in Wheatley, this time due to faultiness.

11:59am- Item reported missing from one of the computer labs in Wheatley Hall.

1:10pm- Someone called in a bomb threat, stating that a bomb was to go off at 2pm in Wheatley Hall.

1:39pm- Mechanical failure of fire alarm in Wheatley.

3:20pm- Received a call for medical assistance in the Administration Building. An ambulance was called.

Thursday, November 14

8:38am- Someone left some obscenities on a voicemail in the McCormack Building. Maybe it was meant for the Bursar’s Office.

11:22am- Larceny in the Healey Building. A wallet was taken from the libarary.

11:26am- Person was reportedly sleeping in the ladies room. The police checked it out, and the person was gone.

1:07pm- Another larceny in the Healey Building.

2:00pm- Larceny in the Wheatley Building.

Friday, November 15

2:40pm- Person had a seizure in the Clark Center. An ambulance came and took the person to the hospital. The person did not make it.

4:51pm- Another larceny in Wheatley Hall. The thieves appear to be particularly relentless this week.

Sunday, November 17

5:48pm- Report of some young kids harassing a person at the bus stop. Police came and sent them on their way.

6:29pm- A group of kids were reportedly running around the Healey Library. Police sent them on their way as well.

Public Safety Emergency Number

9-1-1 (from any on-campus callbox)617-287- 7777