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Dear Dr. Gora:

Throughout the USA colleges and universities offer master level programs in creative writing-an art unto itself highly respected by the academic and professional communities. Rather than confer the Master of Arts degree in that specialty-as, unfortunately, does UMass Boston, and some other institutions of higher education-many fine academic establishments concentrate on the artistic merits of the program, rightfully issuing graduate students the more prestigious Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree.

UMass Boston’s English Department has long enjoyed an upward reputation nationally, thereby increasing the visibility of the entire academic community. This, most naturally, attracts more local and outside students-an important statement on behalf of the university’s quality administrators, professors and programs. To take it up a few more notches, it would be most advantageous to confer the MFA rather than the MA in creative writing at UMass-Boston. It would elevate the university to a higher level of distinction.

I have made this recommendation more than once, but-as usual-it has fallen on deaf ears. Dr. Gora, as the new chancellor of the university (and congrats!) you can make a world of difference by honoring students, professors and the entire academic community on a greater scale. Immediately act on the feasibility of changing the current MA degree in creative writing to MFA status. What/who would it take to do that? The English Department? The Board of Trustees? The Governor, House, Senate? Perhaps, but it all needs to start with an honest deep-rooted sense of respect and appreciation for the art of writing. It must start with your hope and leadership guidance.

In a time of fiscal cutback, it would seem so very appropriate to invite greater numbers of students through the university’s doors. One way of seeking that goal is to do what industry does-diversify more. The MFA at UMass-Boston would be-you can be sure-a most successful asset for all.

Best wishes for success in your new position and in making the necessary change to the MFA. “Pax tecum.”

Most sincerely yours,Adalino CabralMedford, MA