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Move IT Forward @ UMB

The open forum for planning information technology will be held on October 28th at 2:30pm in the Healey Library LL Media Auditorium. The event is hosted by the BIT Council, and features the first campus presentation of the IT Master Plan due for completion in mid December. Drafted by Mass Networks Education Partnership, a consulting group specializing in Education and Technology issues, the Master Plan represents the ideas and concerns of a wide range of students, faculty, administrators, and others. Mass Networks has helped other area educational institutions devise the best solutions to facilitate information technology growth, and integration–they listen intently to the needs of all stakeholders at a given school, and propose an appropriate course of action.

At the “Hidden Jewels” event earlier this semester, opinions about current and future technology needs were gathered by means of a questionnaire completed by more than 450 students. Chris Seiberling of Mass Networks commented “…that event was a success in putting our finger on the pulse of where students at UMB are in terms of IT, and what we can do to help.” UMB is striving to keep pace with the paradigm shift that affects us all by offering online courses, by upgrading the IT infrastructure, and now, by asking what the university needs to remain competitive, and how to do its job to serve everyone’s interests equally.

To make sure that all voices are heard, the university community is invited to attend the open forum and help shape the IT resources available to them, and because UMB and Mass Networks are creating this dialogue, everyone will have their say. Refreshments will be served, so that there will be “food for thought” on this, a community enterprise.

A draft of the IT Strategic Plan is available on the web at www.moveIT forward.umb.edu., and those with the resources to do so are encouraged to view it and make their opinions known at the open forum. One can also contact UMB IT Strategic plan c/o Mass Networks Education Partnership, 280 Lincoln St., Allston MA 02134, or email the planning group at [email protected]. Being involved in your school’s future is a privilege that should not be taken for granted, and when given the opportunity to do so, not doing so would be remiss.

Ask yourself: How will technology help you learn or do your job? As technology increasingly penetrates into both education and work, how can UMass Boston better meet your expectations for technology? Bring your opinions and questions to the forum. Creating our IT future benefits everyone, so make your opinion count by coming to the open forum. Let’s moveITforward@umb.