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Editorial: Give Us a Call Sometime

On Monday, our production day here at The Mass Media, we leave late. Something quite strange happened to a couple of our editors as they were leaving campus at around 7pm. Doors where there had been no fliers were now dotted with colored papers promoting events which, earlier in the day, were nonexistent. The shuttle bus stop was similarly graffitied with announcements. The next few days were now magically filled with exciting speeches and forums, open houses and teach-ins.

Okay, so maybe we’re being a bit hyperbolic here. It was only a few events. But the main point remains the same. The task of information-gathering about people’s events has reached the level of absurdity. Covering special events and pertinent issues is made much more difficult for this newspaper, especially when an almost nonexistent community does little to disseminate information in a thorough and timely fashion.

We want to cover your events. We like to cover your events. We need to cover your events. But you make it an extremely difficult task. Sisyphus comes to mind, just a reminder the rock always rolls back down and crushes him.

This is not to say that investigative journalism has fallen by the wayside, but come on people, let’s get in touch with a little something the outside world calls “PR” or public relations. It’s good for you, it’s good for us, it’s good for the university as a whole. Basically, it’s all good.

This lack of information is true for the administration, student clubs and centers, and the academic institutes and centers on this campus. Time and time again, we don’t hear about important events in time to write about them and then we hear disappointment or even complaints from centers and clubs about how we missed their event. We don’t miss things because we don’t like you or because we don’t care about what you care about. We miss your events for the same reason they are poorly attended by the student body, because no one knows they are happening except your friends, and nobody has enough friends to fill the Ryan Lounge.

So, work with us here. We know you know in advance, because we know you have to go through weeks of red tape to get your money and your space. Just let us know. We’re like mothers, we worry when we don’t hear from you for a while. Give us a call. Send us an email. Stop by our offices, we don’t bite often. Just keep in touch, that’s all we ask.