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War-Hell No!

To say that the staff of The Mass Media is opposed to a war with Iraqi would be a slight understatement. For all the commonly cited reasons, such as: a war would destabilize a region rife with ethnic conflict and poverty; it would result in more terrorist attacks upon the U.S.; it imposes U.S. will, and our lust for oil, upon others; etc. etc.

If you need more of the standard reasons you can read an opinion piece submitted to us on page A15 or an article written by one of our staff members on page A1. But we can yell and argue until the troops come home-and our little voice ain’t gonna make a whole lot of difference.

But hear me out.

History will not be as kind to this Bush. The hypocrisy, the lies and manipulation will be one hundred percent clear in hindsight. Bush’s desperate grasp for a chance at re-election will seem even more pathetic than his father’s.

The view that there is little difference between the Republicans and Democrats will be a little weaker-with Republican presidents regularly picking a fight with a fringe state while Al Gore, the Democrat’s candidate, is courageously speaking out against this charade.

Where are the citizen’s who support violence over diplomacy, bombings over inspections? There must be a whole heck of a lot of them somewhere in Oklahoma, or Texas, because there aren’t any around here.

Hey Bush-we advocate working with the allies of the United States, all of them, and finding a diplomatic solution. But we know you can’t hear us, and wouldn’t listen if you could, and so we will be out photographing our friends who will be shouting in the streets trying to get you to listen, and we will photograph the memorials that will blossom like dandelions across this nation as body bags come back from Iraq, and we will join our friends in voting in 2004-voting for anybody but Georgie-boy.