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Police Log:

Monday, October 7

10:17am- Person reported items having been taken from her car in the McCormack Building garage.

11:58am- Person called about an agitated student in the McCormack Building who was making some comments about suicide. An ambulance was called.

3:21pm- Fire alarm went off for an unknown reason in Wheatley Hall.

3:41pm- 911 hangup by the Clark Center.

Tuesday, October 8

2:16pm- Person reported stolen wallet in the Healey Building.

3:07pm- Person was reportedly downloading porn onto a computer in the Science Center.

Wednesday, October 9

5:11pm- Person came in to the Quinn Administration Building to retrieve missing wallet from lost and found. Wallet found, undisclosed sum of cash inside lost.

Thursday, October 10

12:36am- Liquor violation in the Upper Garage. Some of the people who had rented the ice were found and made to leave.

12:06pm- Person discovered that her car had been damaged by a hit and run accident while she was in class.

6:34pm- One of the alarms in Wheatley Hall went off. Police checked out the area, and everything seemed all right.

9:36pm- Another alarm went off in Wheatley Hall. Everything appeared all right, and the alarm was checked for malfunctions.

Friday, October 11

10:31am- Vandalism/malicious destruction of a projection screen was reported in one of the Science Center’s auditoriums.

Sunday, October 13

3:10pm- A fire alarm was pulled in the Clark Center. Nobody was found, nor was there a fire.

Monday, October 14

9:20am- Due to a power failure, a fire alarm went off in the Science Center.