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It is clear that after months of campaigning and several gubernatorial debates that Mitt Romney is the only candidate for Governor who represents the crucial issues that concern the voters of Massachusetts.

Mitt Romney defends working families by promising to try to return their money recently taken from them by tax increases. Romney cares about immigrants and their prosperity so he advocates English immersion. Romney values education and supports merit pay for good teachers. Romney understands the importance of transportation and he will work to alleviate the problems.

Mitt Romney is not making empty promises. Romney is determined to do what is best for the Commonwealth. Be it these issues or those of healthcare, the environment, housing, crime, and cleaning up the mess on Beacon Hill as he cleaned up the 2002 Salt Lake City Utah Winter Olympics, Mitt Romney has taken a strong stand on the issues that matter to us.

One-party government will be a disaster for all voters. We need balance in Boston. Romney is the only candidate who is free from insider special interests. Mitt Romney will provide the leadership, change, and reform, essential to governing Massachusetts.


Brock N. Cordeiro

Graduate Student, UMass Boston