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MSIS212 –“Managerial Decision Making” –and Spitting

08 July 2002

Dear Editor:

Thank you for printing the article .

I would like to follow up by informing you that I finally made it back to DDC/Dorchester District Court and filed a complaint against Ms. Amber S. McClure on 02 July 2002.

The date of the hearing is set on 29 July 2002 with an offense of A&B D/W (Saliva)/Assault and battery with a deadly weapon (saliva). Ms. Amber McClure has been subpoena for the above court date.

I would like to let you know that “the-Mass-Media” has stirred quite a peak of interest within the Office of Student Affairs and the College of Management Department.

This morning I received a telephone call from my professor about the article(s). He has been informed by the Associate Dean of CM, Mrs. Janet Wagner. (Please do not include this in the follow-up article–as he does not want his name included in the article). Apparently the Associate Dean and Student Affairs are upset with the article(s) as I am sure you are well aware.

Michael, thank you once again. I will let you know the outcome of the case pending trial.

J. Stone Laraway IICM, MIS