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MSIS Managerial Decision Making – And Spitting

30 July 2002

Reference: MSIS 212 Managerial Decision Making and Spitting

Subject: Dorchester District Court

Dear Editor:

Good morning, Michael.

Yesterday, 29 July 2002, at the Dorchester District Court (DDC)at the hearing room (C155), I had a hearing with Ms. Amber McClure at 1PM.

Ms. Amber McClure admitted spitting in my face and apologized. I accepted her apology, before the court, and dropped the assault and battery charges.

“I hope she understands what she did was wrong and she has learned from her mistake. Adults do not behave in this manner nor should students behave in this manner on campus.” JSL

Thank you for all your help, Michael.

Respectfully yours,

J. Stone Laraway IICM, MIS