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Jumpstart Jumps Into UMB Recruitment

A UMass Boston student reads to preschoolers last year

A UMass Boston student reads to preschoolers last year

Jumpstart’s national recruitment campaign launch coincided with the President of the United States recognizing the Jumpstart program and honoring Jumpstart Corps members. At UMass Boston, Jumpstart is currently recruiting 40 college students to serve as Jumpstart New England Corps members during this next school year. The 40 Jumpstart New England Corps members will join a national Jumpstart Corps of more than 1,500 college students from 50 different colleges and universities across the country.

On August 5, 2002, six Jumpstart Corps members visited with President Bush during his trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. to honor coal miners who survived a recent accident. The President opened his public address by celebrating the value of life and the spirit of America and by recognizing the Corps members’ role in saving America “one person at a time.”

“I want to thank these soldiers in the armies of compassion for setting a great example for their fellow college students,” said President Bush.

UMass Boston students can also become a part of Jumpstart by joining Jumpstart New England. Jumpstart New England Corps members work with children from Dorchester, Jamaica Plain and Roxbury at Headstart preschools and other early education centers. Through one-to-one interaction with preschoolers, the Corps members supplement the children’s early education and help them develop language, literacy, and social skills. By joining Jumpstart, college students also become part-time AmeriCorps members, earn their Work-Study award, and receive an education award of up to $1250.

“Jumpstart is an exciting opportunity for college students to touch a child’s life,” said Kate Wolford, site manager at Jumpstart New England and affiliate with UMass Boston Office of Service-Learning and Community Outreach. “It also gives college students a chance to build upon leadership and teamwork skills while developing their professional experience.

“I have been given the opportunity to make a difference in our society and I am only 20,” said Josh Brennan, former Jumpstart Corps member and UMass Boston Alumni. “That’s what I love about Americorps. People of all ages are engaged in service and make an impact on our society.”

Additionally, Jumpstart offers career opportunities following graduation. Corps member alumni are eligible for the post-graduate two-year Pearson Teacher Fellowship.

Jumpstart New England was founded in 1995 and last year recruited twelve UMass Boston students to serve as Corps members. In addition to working with children, UMass Corps members also help families support learning at home and organize service days. Jumpstart is now looking to expand its relationship with UMass Boston by recruiting over 40 college students to serve as Corps members.

Jumpstart New England is currently recruiting UMass college students of all ages and majors to serve as this year’s Corps.

Jumpstart is a national organization that engages young people in service to work toward the day every child in America enters school prepared to succeed. Jumpstart recruits, trains, and supports college students to serve as part-time AmeriCorps members, working one-to-one with and supporting young children in Head Start and other early childhood education programs. Jumpstart focuses on building school success for young children by developing their early language, literacy, and social skills; encouraging strong family involvement to help families support children’s learning; and training college students to be future teachers and leaders in early childhood education. Jumpstart’s national sponsors include American Eagle Outfitters, official outfitter; Pearson, official education partner; and Starbucks, official growth partner. For more information, visit the Jumpstart Web site at www.jstart.org.

For more information contact: Kate Wolford, Jumpstart New England, 617-287-7944 or email [email protected].