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UMass Cross Country Wants You!

September kicks off the UMass Boston cross country program’s 22nd season of outdoor running. With a new season comes a new coach, a new squad and a new outlook for the program.

“You should be having fun! You can’t be the best if you don’t enjoy what you do,” says new coach Ernie Taylor. “This is a year of building for UMass Boston cross country. I’m looking for students who want to have fun but are also dedicated.”

Coach Taylor himself has a strong dedication to UMass Boston and the sport of running. He commutes two hours in the morning to assume his position as Construction Manager here at the university. After a long day of work, he coaches cross country “for the fun of the sport”. Not only does he provide instruction but he also runs along Boston Harbor with the team. After practice, he takes the same two hour commute home and prepares to do it all the next day. He himself has run over forty marathons in the last thirty years, coached middle school, high school and fundraisers for arthritis.

Running provides a number of physical and mental benefits. Some of the physical benefits include improved cardiovascular health, weight loss or maintenance and increased strength, endurance and overall energy. You’ll also find that when running you experience a refreshing clearance of your mind. This helps decrease or diminish stress levels that would normally interfere with your studies.

Joining a team is also a great way to meet people with whom you share common interests. By becoming a member of the UMass Boston cross country squad, you’ll also become a member of the UMass Boston and NCAA athletic communities.

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