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Editorial: Welcome Back, Come On In

The Mass Media would like to offer a hearty and most genuine welcome to new and returning students alike, as well as to staff and faculty members. At the same time we invite you to participate in the campus dialogue that is The Mass Media. After all, the newspaper is a form of free speech, so use it.

As a newspaper, it is our job to report and disseminate all news and information about relevant topics at UMass, Boston, and from the surrounding community. This includes stories of events of various kinds, student projects both on and off campus, administration dealings, etc. As important as reporting data, however, is our role in fostering dialogue.

As the campus changes, so does our paper, and we have recently revamped our look. We would appreciate comments, criticisms, or encouragement, so please keep our mailboxes stuffed with letters.

We plan to foster dialogue with our readers (students especially), so don’t hesitate to comment on an article that catches your eye, or to reply to one of our columnists. Praise or lambaste away!

The new academic year always brings new challenges and exciting opportunities for the UMass, Boston community as a whole. The Mass Media looks forward to being a part of a continually growing environment.

We welcome invitations to cover, or participate in, events and activities. Remember, we are here for you.