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The Bullhorn: Here We Go Again

It became clear to me that my discussion of the role of the ombudsperson was premature, as so many readers of The Mass-Media don’t know anything about it. Within the next few weeks I will be releasing the report and proposals I put forth that initiated this discussion. But for this week, let me discuss some of the issues that are being raised by those who are informed.

Certain people who have been involved in the development of this proposal, or who are involved now, are debating the issue fully. The debate is welcomed and it is good sign that we have something substantial at hand. The issues range from the creation of the position to the person who should fill it. The sad fact is that I have not heard one iota of policy discussion. All the comments and debate around the issue have been of a personal focus, not a systemic one.

We, as students, are finally being handed an opportunity to be treated as contributors. But once again many people can do nothing but complain. Leadership is defined by contribution, not complaining. I do not think that the position of Ombudsperson is the saving grace and the sole resolution to the numerous conflicts that plague the feelings and experiences of our student body. But I can say with surety that this position is a step in the right direction and that the other changes that students want to see can be empowered and assisted through the use of this proposed office.

I must express my sincerest concerns to a number of students. I can’t do anything but be left almost speechless at the fact that we are in another scenario where internal and personal politics of the Student Senate are beginning to overshadow our jobs as student leaders.

I do think it is a shame that at even this stage of the game some people feel the need to maintain the status quo. It is my sincere hope that the students involved think long and hard about the reasons this position is being so heavily considered and supported and also about what role it should play in the political dynamic of the university.

But, alas, it is up to the students to sort this out. I would hope that records of performance, willingness to contribute and cooperate as well as motivation are considered when listening to the arguments both for and against this position. In short: consider the source.