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Women’s Soccer Preview: Team Looks To Avoid Repeat of Last Season

Last season could not have been any rockier than it was for the UMass Boston’s women soccer team. The team had no seniors to look to for experience and guidance. The depth was also less than desirable. Unfortunately, this year might not be that much different.

The Beacons finished last season with a dismal record of 0-16 and a Little East conference record of 0-7. Goals came few and far between, as the team netted a mere total of five, while the goaltenders saw a barrage of balls go by them into the net, an eye-popping total of 107.

Second year coach Gretchen Randall has her hands full this season. Although some capable and experienced players are returning, it is not as much as it should be. Depth will once again be an issue for the struggling program.

It wasn’t so much that the team lost all of its games that make it difficult to raise the confidence level on the whole, but that they were out of many games so early in the contests. The Beacons will be looking to avenge some embarrassing losses from last year, including a 15-0 loss to Framingham State and 10-0 loss to Little East Conference foe Rhode Island College.

The team will definitely look to senior Kristen Bowes, a three-sport athlete here at UMass Boston with a tremendous amount of fortitude desire to win. Bowes last year displayed her talent and versatility by not only being the starter at the goaltender position, but by also coming out to play midfielder at times to spark the offense.

Yet, the key to this season’s success will come down to overall depth of the team. It is necessary for substitutes to come into games and be effective in order to give the team a chance at a victory. The Beacons will be facing some formidable opponents this season, and it is imperative that the squad has at least some depth, or it will be gloomy ride this fall.

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