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Meet Me at the Wits End!

The Wit’s End is not just a place for comfort foods, the environment is focused on satisfying the needs of our student body. This is a place where creative juices flow, a home for the arts. The walls and windows are laden with our own creative talent. Hats off to Kate and Dylan for a job well done! Many of the tables have been constructed with game tabletops to allow for a mental break from studies. The Wit’s space has provided opportunities for students to participate in poetry readings, chess tournaments, political debates and student and faculty bands often provide live musical entertainment. At the Wit’s you will find club and center event promotions, “books for sale” signs, student art, and seasonal greetings. This social atmosphere keeps us all connected. A visit to the Wit’s End is a must for anyone who wants to know the happenings on campus or needs a place to regenerate their energy.

This coffee house offers more than just delicious fresh java, their location on the 3rd floor of the Wheatley Building provides a central communication station with tables galore both indoors and out. The outdoor patio with the blue and white pinwheel umbrella covered tables (most recently provided by Chancellor Gora) will be complimented in the Spring by lovely plants and flower pots by Jim in the UMass Greenhouse.

Okay, let’s talk coffee. The fresh brewed coffee is in high demand and served with a smile by the strictly student staff. The Wit’s End organization takes pride in offering the freshest product available to their customers. This rich aromatic java is made fresh and served hot and black, you add whatever you like to it at the condiment station across from the counter. Add a little variety to your morning or afternoon by trying the “flavor of the day.”

This tabernacle of sweets makes for a great occasion to test the theory that life is short so start with dessert. The pastries are brought in fresh from the award winning Rosie’s Pastries in Cambridge. Two old-time mouth watering favorites are the Congo Bars made with caramel, nuts and chocolate chips and the marble cream-cheese brownies. The Wit’s End Cafe takes all of the work out of the homemade pastry leaving just a scrumptious reminder of childhood memories.

Although the bill of fare is limited, one’s palate will be pleased with the options. Sandwiches are brought in daily from Scola’s of the North End and Terrie’s Place in South Boston. The Italian cold cut and the veggie are both served on a sesame seed roll. The ham & cheese, turkey & cheese and the tuna salad are all served on a soft, sweet croissant. The sandwiches priced at are $2.50. For those of you who are taking better care of yourself, the Wit’s offers Mediterranean, Greek and Caesar salads, for just $3.50 each. These garden delights are sure to satisfy more than just your appetite.

Are you looking for a little stress reduction? Well, relax with a Chamomile tea and a lemon poppy-seed muffin. The assortment of teas range from decaffeinated herbal teas such as the mango passion to high-test energy boosters like China oolong. If tea is not your thing, Fresh Samantha is sure to uplift any worn down spirit with its vitamin packed juices. These 16 oz. fruit smoothies are cleverly named to reflect their performance. Select from a variety of flavors including Oh Happy Day, Protein Blast and both mine and Anne’s favorite Raspberry Dream. Who’s Anne you say? She is one of the many helpful student employees at the Wit’s End Cafe. Danielle is sure to cheer up your day with her Disney smile and Tom’s charismatic charm will make you feel like a million bucks. No matter who’s face greets you across the counter, you will be made to feel special and your needs are sure to be met.

The Wit’s End Kiosk is having its Grande Opening on Monday, January 28th. Say hello to Julia who will be giving out free coffee between 12 and 2 to celebrate the long awaited completion of the kiosk construction.


The Wits’ End Cafe is located in the Wheatley Building on the 1st and 3rd floors. They are open year round Monday through Saturday and their hours of operation vary during school break. The Cafe’s warm, good-humored manager Billy Indrisino at ext. 7-7963, or the Assistant Director of Student Life, Linda Smith-Mooney at ext. 7-7968, always welcome ideas and comments.