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Democrats Buzzed on Enron

Democrats Buzzed on Enron

What’s all the fuss about Enron?

Enron benefited from the deregulation of America’s power business in 1996 and became one of the world’s largest energy companies in 1999 before going bankrupt. The company’s success came after the deregulation legislation and it contributed heavily to both major American political parties.

“Bankruptcies happen in our economy and it’s not uncommon for people who are in the community, business community or in the labor community to talk to a cabinet secretary to tell them about the financial status of their business and it ends there,” said Ari Fleisher the White House Press Secretary.

Apparently, when the upper management staff of Enron realized the company was going under, they sold all their stocks. If they tipped off friends or family who owned Enron stock, then that would be considered inside trading; which is illegal. Even worse, is that the thousands of other employees who were unaware of the company’s slide into bankruptcy were unable to move their money out of the stocks in time. Many of those employees had their retirement funds invested in the company’s stock. They are now jobless and without pensions.

The Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation of Enron, who supposedly doctored up records to lie to the public and their employees so the stock’s value could continue to rise as the value of the company sunk. Numerous Congressional committees are investigating in order to establish if there were any political or illegal connections. Enron denies asking the Bush Administration for a financial bail out.

“I have never discussed with Mr. Lay the financial problems of the company,” said President Bush.

Enron was the largest buyer and seller of natural gas in the country. It was ranked as the eighteenth largest company in the United States in 1999. The company recently was subject to lawsuits related to pollution. The big stink is the debate on how influential Enron was as a result of contributing to Bush’s campaign and whether or not Bush’s administration has given them support to revive their company.

Our American soldiers are being sent to the Middle East by George W. Bush and Democrats are still whining about how Bush came to be our president. The tree hugging liberals rave with unproven allegations hoping to saddle Bush with a scandal they hope will be bigger than Slick Willy Clinton’s repugnance. Leftist TV journalists drool with vultures’ saliva as they swoop in, changing the focus on terrorism to Enron, in attempts to discredit the Bush Administration.

Some Democrats are beginning to bite their claws worrying as to where the Enron investigation might lead. Reporter Jerry Seper of The Washington Times wrote ” Enron sought to use its political clout and deep pockets to curry favor with the Clinton administration for a proposed $3 billion power plant project in India, giving $100,000 to the Democrat Party when the deal was being completed.”

Sounds like the allegations might back fire and the liberals’ hero might be further embarrassed. There is also evidence that Robert Rubin, former Clinton administration Treasury Secretary made a phone call to the Bush Administration pleading for support in behalf of the Enron Corporation.

Even if this whole Enron ordeal turns out to be everything the Democrats are hoping, there is no way it could ever match up to the mess Clinton created. From selling secrets to China, perjury, adultery, sending our troops to Haiti, impregnating his babysitter, selling White House furniture, passing what bills? They should quit while they’re behind.

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