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Letter: What Would You Do in Mr Bulger’s Situation?

Mr Rhys,

Your comments about Mr. Bulger having “to go,” upset me, as no one knows how it feels to be in his shoes, however, I once knew someone who knew how very serious his current situation is.

His name was William “Wimpy” Bennett, and he was the accused head of the Boston “Mafia” back in the late 60s. He made an appointment to meet with a Boston police lieutenant one night, but never showed up. Neither his car or Mr Bennett were ever seen again.

His brothers went looking for information about what had happened to him, and to find out, if he was dead, who had done it. One brother was found in a Dorchester school yard riddled with bullet holes a week after their search began. The other brother stopped asking questions.

So ask yourself a question. What would you do in Mr Bulger’s situation? Would you just blab it all in open court for all to hear, or would you ask for a closed court, where your words were out of the public’s ear? Would you have the guts to show up in at all?

It probably wouldn’t matter, as the people in Washington can’t keep secrets, and his testimony, whether in open court or behind closed doors, would most likely become a matter of public record anyway.

When the FBI is corrupt, who the heck can you trust? I think Mr. Bulger is a fine man and YOU should not pass judgement on him. Look at his accomplishments, not at what YOU think might be wrong with a decision his lawyer made.

Charles Adler

Editor’s Note: Mr. Adler is replying to comments made by Michael Rhys to Fox-25 News.