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Thursday, December 5

Holiday Fest 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., McCormack Hall lobbies. Participants include a variety of vendors selling holiday gift items, university departments giving out information, and student organizations promoting clubs and activities. Taking place Dec. 4- 6.

Alan Ligthman, professor of Humanities and Lecturer in Physics at M.I.T., will be discussing his latest novel The Diagnosis in the Wheatley Student Lounge, 4th floor Wheatley Bldg. Discussion sponsored by the UMass Boston English Department.

Art/Talks: “A Work in Progress” with painter Wilfredo Chiesa 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., McCormack, 1st floor, Harbor Gallery. During his leave from UMB last semester, Chiesa had shows of in Boston, New York, and his native Puerto Rico. While in San Juan, he was invited to create a mural for the town of Old San Juan. The abstract piece, reflective of the local architecture, will be painted as a fresco – meaning the paint will be applied to wet plaster – on 110 panels, each 4 ft. x 6 ft. The finished work will be 75ft. long and 50 ft. high. This most recent work extends Wilredo’s impressive list of public art commissions which are found in Madrid, Venice, Columbia, New York and Boston. Chiesa has taught at UMB since 1979. For more information, email [email protected].

Reception to honor Representative Caro Cleven 2 – 4 p.m., State House, Great Hall. The Gerontology Institute and various organizations will hold a reception to honor State Representative Carol Cleven who is leaving the legislature. Rep. Cleven, a strong advocate for elders and their families, has served as a Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Legislative Caucus on Older Citizens Concerns since 1992. The event is open to the public. Desserts and refreshments will be provided. To RSVP, please call 617-287-7361.

Modern Languages Junior Faculty Colloquium – Regarding Indianness: ‘Race’ and ‘recognition’ in Southern New England 2:30 – 4 p.m., Troy Conference Room. Amy Den Ouden from the Anthropology Department will be presenting on the politics of “Indianness” in Southern New England. For more information, call 617-287-6737 or email [email protected]

Community Meeting on the Budget Cuts2:30 – 4:30 p.m., Healey Library, Lower Level, Media Auditorium. Students, faculty and staff that are concerned about the state of UMass Boston are all invited to a community meeting to discuss how the budget cuts are impacting our campus. For more information, call 617-287-7986 or email [email protected].

SAEC ShowChef Lee’s Soul Food and spectacular performance including comedy, breakdance, and acrobatics from 5-8pm in Wheatley Cafeteria.

Friday, December 6

One World, One NightPresented by the Black Student Center, first annual semi-formal. Proceeds go to the Boston Pan-African Forum to sponsor four AIDS orphanages in Africa. From 6:30-10:00pm in the University Club on the 11th floor of Healey Library. Tickets in advance are $5/single or $8/couple for students and for others are $10/single and $15/couple. At the door: students are $8/single and $10/couple while others are $12/single and $20/couple.

Asian Center Roller Skating Trip 2 – 7 p.m. 7:30 – 9:30 p.m. For more information, call the Asian Center at 617-287-7984 or email [email protected].

Last day of Fall CCDE Friday evening classes

Saturday, December 7

CPCS Alumni College 9:30 – 4 p.m., Wheatley, 1st floor, Snowden Auditorium. CPCS Alumni and current and retired faculty and staff are invited to participate in the first edition of CPCS Alumni College. A series of faculty/alumni led workshops will highlight key issues and trends in public and community service. We’ll also give an update on recent developments at CPCS and gather suggestions for future Alumni College topics. It will be an opportunity to renew friendships with fellow students, faculty and staff, and to reconnect with community and professional networks. Refreshments and lunch will be served. To make a reservation, contact Suzanne Allmendinger at 617-287-7124 or via email at [email protected]

Last day of Fall CCDE Saturday classes

Monday, December 9

Beacon Fitness Center Boot Camp Aerobics 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m., McCormack Hall, 1st floor, fitness center. Combines aerobic exercise with strength training through callisthenic exercises. For more information, call 617-287-6789.

Drinking and Driving Awareness Week: Dec. 9 – 13 McCormack Hallways. Featuring a breathilizer Demonstration, MADD information table, information and resources, and the Red Ribbon Campaign.

Catholic Campus Ministry Mass12:30 p.m., McCormack, 3rd floor Chapel. For more information, call 617-287-5839 or email [email protected].

College of Public and Community Service Book Party. 4-6 p.m., Wheatley, 4th floor, CPCS Plaza. Panel discussion and celebration of the publication of Becoming American, Being Indian with author, Prof. Madhulika Khandelwal and panelists Prof. Gautam Premnath and Prof. Miren Uriarte. Co-sponsors: CPCS, Asian American Studies Program, Asian Student Center, CIRCLE, Institute for Asian American Studies. For more information, call 617-287-7100 or email [email protected].

Being American, Being IndianJoin us for a discussion and celebration of the publication of Becoming American, Becoming Indian with author Madhulika Khandelwal, CPCS assistant professor and panelists Gautam Prmnath, CAS assistant professor, Miren Uriarte, CPCS associate professor from 4-6:00pm in the CPCS plaza on the fourth floor of the Wheatley Building. For info, call the CPCS Dean’s Office (617) 287-7100.

Last week of classes for Fall CCDE on-line classes

Tuesday, December 10

Asian Center Stress Relief Week11 a.m. – 3 p.m., Wheatley, 4th floor, 168. Hungry and stressed out? Join Us at the Asian Center for some free food! For more information, call 617-287-7984 or email [email protected]. Runs Dec. 10-12.

Wednesday, December 11

Holiday Mocktail Party11 a.m. – 1 p.m., McCormack HallwaysJoin us for a glass of non-alcoholic holiday cheer and pick up information about making this holiday season a healthy and safe one. Sponsored by the Wellness Center and The Alcohol and Substance Awareness Center.

Breathylizer Demonstration1 1 a.m. – 2 p.m., McCormack 2nd Floor Lobby. Sponsored by The Wellness Center and the Massachusetts State Police.

Campus and Community Affairs Committee Meeting 2:30 p.m., Wheatley, 4th floor, Student Lounge. This meeting addresses campus and community concerns of the Student Senate and its constituents. For more information, call 617-287-7942 or email [email protected].

Graduate Student Assembly Meeting 3:45 – 5:15 p.m., Wheatley, 4th floor, Lounge. This is a Regular meeting of the Graduate Student Assembly members. All graduate students are welcome. For more information, call 617-287-7975 or email [email protected].

Budget and Finance Committee Meeting 3 p.m., Wheatley, 4th floor, room 122. This meeting addresses financial and budgetary concerns of the Student Senate. For more information, call 617-287-7942 or email [email protected].

College of Public and Community Service Book Party4:30-6 p.m., Wheatley, 4th floor, CPCS Plaza. Discussion and celebration of the publication of Dementia and Wandering Behavior with Prof. Nina Silverstein and her co-authors, Geral Flaherty and Terri Salmons Tobin. CPCS Plaza, Wheatley 4th floor. For more information, call 617-287-7100 or email [email protected].