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**** PRESS RELEASE ****March 2003

Free Sex Articles for Your College Newspaper[ http://www.CollegeSexTalk.com ]www.CollegeSexTalk.com

Sex, love and a host of relationships sweet and sour are common experiences on college campuses. As young people find new freedoms and a broader range of friends, serious questions often arise about the joys, responsibilities and consequences of intimacy. Now there’s a website that provides a serious forum for candid discussion of and answers to the human sexuality questions and concerns of college students.

[ http://www.CollegeSexTalk.com ]www.CollegeSexTalk.com established by human sexuality specialist Dr. Sandra L. Caron, offers discussions by college students about the realities of college life, specifically in the areas of sex, love, dating and a host of relationship issues. Students can participate in weekly polls on commonly asked questions, find links to other important sexuality sites and browse a helpful glossary of terms, as well as a list of useful books, all at no cost. Students can submit questions to be selected for the “Question of the Week” feature.

“The college years are a major turning point in a young adult’s life. Going away to school brings new freedoms, higher expectations and less guidance,” says Caron, professor, author and columnist. “It’s also a time for learning and experimenting, for being aware of personal responsibility for social and sexual behavior and for accepting adult consequences when things go awry,” she adds.

Caron points out that communicating and expressing honest feelings and concerns about sexuality are a critical component of human development, and her web site and expertise offer a safe, enlightened place for learning and sharing information.

Recently profiled as one of five outstanding sex educators on college campuses by Men’s Fitness magazine, Caron is professor of human sexuality at the University of Maine. Her research and publications focus on sexuality education, including AIDS, contraception, sexual decision-making, and date rape. She is the founder and director of two nationally recognized peer education programs: Athletes for Sexual Responsibility and The Greek Peer Educator Program.

Caron, who earned her Ph.D. from Syracuse University, is a sex educator certified by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, a State of Maine certified health educator and a licensed clinical professional counselor.

To subscribe your college newspaper to this site and receive the “Question of the Week,” please click here: [ http://www.CollegeSexTalk.com/subscribe.html ]www.CollegeSexTalk.com/subscribe.html

If you decide to carry the “Question of the Week” in your own college newspaper each week, please be sure to include the following information: “Dr. Sandra L. Caron is a professor of human sexuality at the University of Maine. To submit a question to Dr. Caron or chat with your peers visit [ http://www.CollegeSexTalk.com ]www.CollegeSexTalk.com”