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Editor in Chief of Mass Media suspended?

Mass MediaLetter to the EditorMarch 6, 2003

Editor Johnny Rhys angry because he was suspended from his paper for marijuana possession?

Tell Johnny-boy Rhys he should get down on his hands and knees and thank the unjust, insane and partial Demiurge above drifting about insouciantly in all the ambient white clouds, he wasn’t caught in “possession of a tiny amount of marijuana” while being BLACK in that lower level hallway! If such had been the case he would have been arrested by that white cop on the spot and he’d be spending eighteen months in South Bay or Cedar Junction, or something.

Anybody white on campus or off campus who denies that is just another power abusing dime a dozen racist liar, disgusting hypocrite and obscurantist of the truth….

Someone should bring back the phrase:

“Free, white and Twenty-one.”

It still applies, otherwise Johnny-boy Rhys would be expelled from UMB and out on bail.

Nevertheless IMHO the guy is just too important to be ignored or dismissed. I mean, who in white America today is a nonconformist gadfly swimming against the overbearing tides and enjoys a great life with everyone licking his heels at the same time? In any event tell editor Johnny-boy to keep up the good work at Mass Media in raising attention over all the ambient and outrageous hypocritical stink and glaring contradictions between what the written United States Constitution says and what is actually done over here daily by government great and by government small, everywhere here in this totally doublespeak, doublethink hypocritical country.

Somebody somewhere in this pathetic, power abusing, sorry excuse for a democracy has got to be a nonconforming gadfly. At UMB that’s what Johhny-boy Rhys is, I suppose….

“I ought to be upright and vital, and speak the rude truth in all its ways.”(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

Robert BettsUMB Alumnus, Class of 2002