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Police Log – 3/27/03

Monday, March 10

4:34am-A breaking and entering incident occurred in the Service Building.

8:18am-The alarms were accidentally set off in the Wheatley Building. That is, they were not set off on purpose.

10:40pm-A suspicious person was reported to be in the McCormack Building. Campus police arrived, but did not find said suspect. Sounds suspicious indeed.

Tuesday, March 11

1:37pm-Someone set newspaper on fire in a stairwell of the Healey Building. Honestly, writing a letter to the editor is not difficult.

1:50pm-Stolen property was recovered in the Science Building. Now it is just property.

Wednesday, March 12

6:01pm-A theft occurred in the fitness center of the McCormack building. Who wouldn’t want someone else’s sweaty gym shorts?

7:08pm-A suspicious person was reported to be in the Service Building. Campus police arrived and had the disoriented individual escorted to the Pine Street Inn.

Wednesday, March 13

9:54am-An individual collapsed on the McCormack Plaza, and was subsequently taken to the hospital.

12:45pm-A larceny occurred in the Healey Building.

1:26pm-A person reported being assaulted in the catwalk near Wheatley Hall. Campus police were unable to locate the alleged perpetrator.

1:45pm-An individual’s property was stolen from the Healey Building after their property was left unattended. The victim did not have a sign that read “free” on their former property.

2:04pm-A party reported theft from the Administration Building.

4:49pm-A party reported being harassed in Wheatley Hall.

Friday, March 14

3:31pm-An accident was reported to have occurred on University Drive East between a car and a pole. The pole is in stable condition, albeit a bit shaken up.

Sunday, March 16

3:45pm- Medical assistance was needed in the Clark Athletic Center after a party suffered an injury. The individual was taken to the hospital.

Tuesday, March 18

9:31am-A disturbance occurred in the Ryan Lounge. The responsible party was arrested.

Wednesday, March 19

2:57pm-A suspicious person was reported in the Science Center.