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“Daffodil Days” at UMB

Cancer, in all its various forms, afflicts nearly 200,000 people in the U.S. every year. It is not a disease that has a singule form, and it is not always easy to diagnose. There is no cure and there are many risk factors, including age, family medical history, diet and environment.

The American Cancer Society is the country’s largest fund- and awareness-raising organization dedicated to fighting cancer. The ACS contributes money for researching cancer drugs, provides medication and other healthcare benefits to cancer patients who cannot afford them, and educates the public about cancer.

The week of March 24, the ACS held its annual “Daffodil Days” flower drive at institutions, both public and private, all over the country. For a $6 donation, those interested could get a batch of 10 fresh daffodils. For another $6, they got a clear vase adorned with the ACS logo to hold the flowers. Why daffodils? As one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring, they represent the kind of rejuvenation and rebirth that the ACS promotes in its work with cancer patients. This is the only sale-type fundraiser that the ACS runs annually, being known primarily for “cancer walk” type events.

At UMB, daffodil tables were set up in three separate locations: outside the campus bookstore in the Quinn building, and the cafeterias in both the McCormack and Wheatley buildings. Sales took place for four hours a day on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (12pm-4pm Wednesday and 10am-2pm and both Thursday and Friday). Volunteers selected by Denise McNair from among the UMB students and faculty took turns as salespeople in each location. Though proceed figures have not been tallied as of the writing of this article, the volunteers asked were confident that last year’s total of $3,500 would at least be matched this time around.

Those interested in finding out more about ACS fundraising events or any other information pertaining to the organization are encouraged to visit its website at http://www.cancer.org.