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Response to the ELC articles

Dear Jason:

Thank you for your wonderful coverage of and sentiments for “The Beacon Dash 5k Run/Walk Road Race to Benefit the UMB Early Learning Center.” I was overwhelmed by the appearance of two articles in this week’s Mass Media. The editorial reflecting your views left me breathless and almost in tears.

I am forwarding the thank you that went out electronically the day of the race. If you could please print this for those who were not reached by email, I would truly appreciate it.

Respectfully yours, cathi murray, cpcs 2004


April 6, 2003

To Everyone:

Thank you for your support and service to enhance the success of The First Annual Beacon Dash 5k Run/Walk to Benefit the UMB Early Learning Center.

“The Beacon Dash” was a great success! Registration, both pre and post race, came close to the projected number of participants. The little ones had a great time at the Kids’ Fun Run. Overall, “Sunny” Sunday was a wonderful day for all.

A Special Thanks to the Planning Committee members for all their hard work: Chris Fitzgerald, Manager, Beacon Fitness Center and “The Beacon Dash” 5k Race Director; Julie Sanabria, Local 509; Christopher Hogan, Administration; Sandra Bispham-Parkin, Director of the UMB Early Learning Center and Riche Zamor, Black Student Center.

A Big Thanks to the members of the Athletics Department, Beacon Fitness Center, Campus Community Affair, Mass Media, Student Centers, the Unity Club at CPCS AND UMB students, faculty and staff who volunteered their time on and before April 6th.

“The Beacon Dash” was such a great success because of all of you!!!

Together as a community we always win! Thank you!