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A Memorial of Hope: A Continued Vigil

All this week “A Memorial of Hope: A Continued Vigil” will be held at the Interfaith Chapel, McCormack 3rd Floor and Wellness Center, McCormack Hall, 1st Floor, Room 316 (times shown below), where students, faculty, and staff can express themselves, artistically or through dialogue. Sponsored by Student Affairs and the Office of Interfaith Campus Ministry, the vigil is meant to create a safe, respectful, forum for nonpolitical and secular spiritual response to recent events.

According to Ms. Maggie Cahill, Interfaith Catholic Chaplain “Two words that sum up how people may be feeling these days are confused and conflicted.” Cahill describes last Thursday’s arrest of Professor Van Der Meer as an example of rising tensions between those in favor of and those against a war in Iraq, both on campus and beyond. The continued vigil is intended as an escape from the political discussions, tensions, and disagreements people may be undergoing at this time.

Cahill describes the current war as “in our face through the media, not just on the six o’clock news but accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” The constant coverage of the war can have a “subconscious effect that people may or may not be aware of,” says Cahill. The continued vigil is not a debate, but a place to release worries and tensions by doing anything from bringing a guitar to reciting poetry. To maintain a level of respect, a facilitator will be present at all times.

This is also a way to “plug people in to what is happening on campus and in the greater Boston area,” says Cahill. “Resources will be available having to do with prayer vigils in the area, support groups for people with loved ones in the military, and initiatives for people to do something with their passions within and beyond UMass Boston.”

Organizers include Political Science Professor of International Relations Primo Vannicelli, the Joiner Center’s Michael Sullivan, and the Interfaith Chapel’s Rev. Adrienne Berry-Burton and Catholic Chaplain Ms. Maggie Cahill. Check www.umb.edu for information on how to become involved.

Interfaith Chapel McCormack 3rd Floor

Monday 8:30am-9:30am Tuesday 8:30am-9:30amWednesday 9am-10amThursday 4pm-5pmFriday 8am-9am

Wellness Center Room 316McCormack Hall 1st Floor

Monday 11am-12pmTuesday 11am-12:30pmWednesday 4pm-5pmThursday 12:30pm-1:30pmFriday 11am-12pm