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20,000 Libertarians May Be Your Neighbors!


25 April 2003


The Free State Project (www.freestateproject.org) is a movement dedicated to finding 20,000 political activists willing to move to a single state and enact significant libertarian reforms, slashing government spending and programs. With a current membership of 3,373, the project will choose its destination by vote upon reaching the 5,000 threshold. Candidate states, chosen for their small population and liberty-friendly politics, include Alaska, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. New Hampshire and Wyoming so far have attracted the most support from members. Since the project?s founding in September 2001, the rate of membership growth has increased steadily, and the vote is expected to be held this summer.

Libertarians endorse a classical liberal agenda, in the Jeffersonian tradition, and typically support gun and property rights. ?Freedom makes good economic policy,? says Keith Murphy, regional coordinator for the project, ?and we know that individual freedom and responsibility go hand in hand.?

The Libertarian Party of New Hampshire has endorsed the Free State Project (http://www.lpnh.org/nh-welcome.html), and has arranged a nine-day convention there June 21-29 to introduce members to the state. A meeting with New Hampshire Governor Craig Benson is scheduled for June 27th. Whichever state wins the upcoming vote will experience an influx of activists determined to repeal onerous taxes and laws.

The project has attracted major media coverage of late, including an NPR documentary (http://www.thislife.org/ra/237.ram), an interview on MSNBC, and a persistent AP presence (http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/news/archive/2003/04/23/national1602EDT0668.DTL). Given that three candidate states are in your area, including a current favorite, New Hampshire, and the inevitable political effects that 20,000 activists will have on the chosen destination, your readers may find the Free State Project worthy of coverage. Should you desire more information, including members in your area to interview, please contact:

Keith Murphy, FSP Regional Coordinator 410-358-6284 [email protected]

Rich Tomasso, LPNH Welcome Committee603-595-9808 [email protected]

Jan Helfeld, Media Director703-933-7830

Jason Sorens, President and Founder828-225-1951