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Police Log – 5/15/03

Monday, May 5

9:27am-Not realizing theft is rampant on the UMB campus, someone failed to pay attention to their belongings. The belongings were subsequently stolen from the Administration Building.

10:32am-What was stolen earlier wasn’t cool enough. Someone stole something that belonged to someone else that was better from the Administration Building.

12:22pm-Larceny occurred in the Campus Center, because this is an equal theft opportunity campus, and we do not advocate limiting theft to one building.

6:43pm-The final theft of the day occurred in the McCormack Building. Good work everyone.

7:46pm-A person called 9-1-1 from the Clark Athletic Center and hung up. Campus police arrived and found that all was well. It was merely a near-sighted individual attempting to dial 4-1-1.

Tuesday, May 6

10:31am-Campus police assisted the State Police in locating an individual on campus who was wanted for a warrant.

Thursday, May 8

10:30am-An accident occurred in the Wheatley Hall garage. Unfortunately, property damage occurred. However, the drivers stayed cool, calm, collected and exchanged information before going on their merry ways. Well, maybe not so merry because their cars were screwed up.

7:09pm-An injury occurred in the Clark Athletic Center when someone was playing basketball and trying to prove that no one can jump.

Sunday, May 11

4:34pm-Someone reported receiving annoying telephone calls on their cell phone off campus. How it is anyone’s problem remains to be seen.