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HLA Insert

I didn’t see the insert from the Human Life Alliance, so I can’t speak to its merits or lack thereof. Their website, however, certainly contains no material that appears untruthful. The abortion industry itself claims that one-quarter of all pregnancies in the US end in abortion, which truly is a phenomenon of epidemic proportions, especially in light of the fact that contraception has been guaranteed under federal funding (Title X of the Public Health Service Act) to all women regardless of ability to pay since 1971.

What was very concerning were the letters to the editor in response to the insert, given the lack of critical thought therein. Of course the prolife movement uses “time and money” to promote its cause; what cause doesn’t? Unlike the abortion industry, however, the prolife side has no huge financial stake in its position.

As for the mention of abortion “bringing back” old issues, people don’t “forget” about a loss; the grief is always there, whether it is addressed properly or not. And if abortion does cause grief (as even the National Coalition of Abortion Providers acknowledges) why should women be denied that knowledge? What is the fear? That women will choose the healthy and natural course and give birth to their children?

And as far as the HLA’s “tricking” women into reading its information, where does one begin to respond to the absurdity of this charge? Presumably adults who would be reading a college newspaper would be bright enough to decide for themselves what is reasonable and what’s not. It’s ironic too that students on a college campus would be so incensed by advertising that they disagree with, and that they fail to see that the abortion industry was truly the cause built on deceit.

As a former useful idiot for the abortion industry myself, I am grateful that I had prolife friends that prompted me to question the rhetoric and think about the abortion issue critically. I wish the same for all the letter writers.

Joanne M. Meegan