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Music Review – 2/06/03

Music Review - 2/06/03

In a world where assembly line talent shoves tired, recycled ideas down your throat and the future of a turbulent youth culture hangs in the balance, one band is standing by to put it all in perspective. It remains to be seen if Waltham, MA based pop-punk quartet Damone is in fact, that band. Their debut offering, “From The Attic” shows a great deal of promise and potential for the position.

This is good music. Regardless of your current scene affiliation or demographic, “Attic” is one of those albums that you can ease yourself into and enjoy without the fear of defending against an incoming advertising blitz. This album carries the vibe of a Kevin Smith flick, possessed of all the angst, innocence and bazooka joe of suburban youth.

Armed with tight production, catchy hooks and refreshing vocals, Damone brings to musical life the tale of guitarist Dave Pino, a man who turned his heartbreak around and won the girl back after succeeding in an otherwise dreadfully uncertain industry. Lead singer Noelleflows seamlessly from track to track with vocals that sprinkle sugar on your drive-in angst. Drum and bass enforcement is emphatically provided by Dustin Hengst and Vasquez, respectively.

The Electronic Press Kit on the Damone website reveals some of Noelle’s insights: “Dave was basically a 16-year-old girl when he was 18 years old. I can relate to these songs a lot. It’s about high school. It just gives off that vibe, y’know, hanging out and smoking weed. They’re really girly songs. Sappy and romantic.”

Tracks from this album are sure to grace the speakers of multiplex cinemas from coast to coast. RCA is pulling out all the stops on this one, clearly evident in the top notch presentation of this local upstart. Still not sold? MP3 samples of selected tracks from “Attic” are available at www.damone.net. Put simply, the kids will love this record.