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Breaking News! – THE most dominant political party acting as a GIANT Mafia Group to protect large business — BLACK & WHITE proof!!!

Dear Sir:

My name is Shalong Maa. I am an Inventor, currently a resident of Dallas, Texas, and is a citizen of the United States. This e-mail is to provide the news that the most dominant political party is acting as a giant Mafia Group to protect the interest of large business and to TORTURE and harass minority inventor. — There is still blood on my face while I am typing this email (its about 12:05 pm on 02/20/2003) (see more below).

The descriptions of facts herein are provided with the following footnotes or annotations:

(1) [Document Attached] — for indicating that the documents needed to prove the case are attached to this e-mail, and more related documents are available.(2) [Document Available] — for indicating that the documents needed to prove the case are in my possession and are available to you immediately.(3) [Document Easily Available] — for indicating that the documents needed to prove the case are easily available from the associated government agency or the police department or from other sources.(4) [Document Could be Available]” — for indicating that the documents needed to prove my statements could be available from the associated government agency or the police department or from other sources.

—————– (I). My Inventions —————-I am an inventor, and possess some of the most important Internet-related inventions, including : (1) e-Doll Internet media, — an Internet-enabled and digitally controlled and synchronized animated talking doll or toy figure that can talk to a TV character or actor in a live TV shows (for example, the e-Doll can talk to or communicate with any actor in the NBC’s shows “Friends” while a child user is holding or playing with the Doll), thus it pertains to a new Internet entertainment media; (2) VOD, that allows any Internet video (the sizes of the image frame of almost all the current Internet videos are less than 3 X 3 inches) to be displayed with large image frame of ANY SIZE on a large screen display device (e.g., plasma TV) without changing the sizes of the data file transmitted through the Internet; Thus, the technology will completely change the video industry, and could even potentially challenge or compete with the cable Industry’s infrastructure; and (3) Computer remote control.The patent application for the e-Doll was filed in 1997, the patent will be issued soon [Document Available]; the European Patent application was filed recently. The patent applications for the VOD and Computer remote control technologies were filed in the past two years [Document Available], and there has been no Office Action from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).

I am a patent agent registered to practice before the USPTO (Registration No. 49,006), I only have one client — myself — which tells you how much I am into these inventions.

—————– (II). The most dominant political party —————-On June 28, 2001, I filed a lawsuit against a 70 year old Chinese lady, my previous landlord, Ms. Lan-Che Chu, for filing false police report which caused me to be arrested by the Garland Police department on 05/13/2001 [Document Available]. (Note: I absolutely believe that someone extremely powerful is behind this arrest, see next section for more details ). In April 2002, during the Interrogation and Discovery proceedings of the lawsuit, I contacted the office of Mr. Alan C. Chen (who was Ms. Lan-Che Chu’s first attorney), asking them not to lie against the records, and that if anyone ask them to lie, they should let me know, I will deal with them.

Well, my wish was fulfilled. I did get the chance to deal with someone extremely powerful behind this.

A few days later, Ms. Lan-Che Chu had a new attorney, Mr. Robert S. Driegert, who is the Chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party [Document Attached]. Remember that Ms. Lan-Che Chu does not speak one word of English.

By the way, while I was on my way to file the lawsuit on 06/28/2001, my car broke down, someone disabled the cooling system of my car [It was a simple car (Nissan Sentra), I had that car for a long time and know it very well.]; and thereafter, my credit card company eliminated all my credit lines (I had one of the cards for more than ten years, and paying AT LEAST the minimum throughout); I was planning to depend on the $7,000 extra credit line in case of any emergency. So in July 2001, I did not have a car to drive, did not have credit card to depend on, had no job, no money in the bank, and did not even have access to most of my belongings (see below). Can you guess who’s behind this?!

The timetable —– The Motion to substitute new attorney was filed with the Court on April 29, 2002 [Document Attached]. I started my written discovery and Interrogation proceedings on March 22, 2002 [Document Available]. I contacted Mr. Alan C. Chen’s office asking them not to lie during the period of about April 15-20, 2002.

Mr. Robert S. Driegert did contact me once himself. His offer — possible Countersuit. To me it means that he was capable of altering all the records and tempering with all the witnesses. On June 6, 2002, I filed motion with the court to dismiss the lawsuit [Document Available].

During the Interrogation proceeding, I was also trying to subpoena the Garland City Police Chief for records, since I do not believe that the police department has any direct physical evidence such as 911-recording as factual basis to support their arresting of me on 05/13/2001, and because the Police department was not able to provide any such record in response to my request — the 911 audiotape are only kept on file for 90 days.

I did not have the luxury to change attorney (I represented myself for the lawsuit). In the past 2-3 years, the question in front of me has been how to survive, how to make enough money to buy food and pay rent. Finding a job based on my skills is ABSOLUTELY out of question. I am currently working part time at a Baskin Robbins ice cream store, making $7.0/hr and only having 30-35 hrs/wk available (see more below).

—————– (III). The Lan-Che Chu Incident—————-

From 04/06/2001 to 05/13/2001, I resided in Ms. Lan-Che Chu’s house as a tenant before I was arrested and put into Garland City Jail. In the night of 05/12-13/2001, at about 11:00pm, I had an argument with Ms. Lan-Che Chu’s husband, which lasted for about 2 minutes, during which Ms. Lan-Che Chu’s was standing about 4-5 feet behind her husband (there was absolute no physical contact of any kind what so ever). Then I went upstairs into my room (the two landlords room were downstairs, all tenant’s rooms were upstairs).

About six hours later, at about 5:00 am, three Garland policemen were knocking my room’s door. As soon as I open the door, I was handcuffed and dragged into the police car — I was arrested [Document Available]. During this, there was absolutely no word from the policeman regarding why I was arrested.

When I was in jail the next day, I was told that the cause of my arrest was that “I pushed the complaint in the chest with both hands”, and I was given an emergency protection order against me, which did not allow me to go within 500 feet from the home for 60 days [Document Available] — I became homeless after getting out of the jail (see more below).

While I was staying in the city Jail for 3-4 days, I was not able to contact any attorney, because they took off my eyeglasses and I could not see the phone number on the wall, and there was some problem with the phone in the cell. According to my conversation with someone in the next cell, they started to turn up the AC in the jail making it very very cold AFTER I went in. The policemen told me that the only way to get out of the jail was to change the plea to guilty or no contest, otherwise I could stay in the jail for months. So I changed my plea to no contest [Document Available].

My Arguments (1) Even if everything is true in the police report, did the policemen have legal ground to arrest me? (the charge was Class-C misdemeanor [Document Available]!), If so then Why in the recent incident just two days ago on 02/18/2003 (well, ANOTHER one, there are many more, see below), even though my face and hand were bleeding, the policemen refused to arrest the offender (they told me there would be no arrest unless its FELONY), or its because someone extremely powerful behind all these?!!! (2) Is that possible that I went downstairs and got into physical violence with an 70 year old lady at about 4:30 am, if so why there is absolutely NOTHING about me getting into any violence with Ms. Lan-Che Chu’s husband in the police report and investigation? [Document Available] because he didn’t care about her and didn’t want to help her at all?! (3) Is that possible that I get into physical violence two days after another incident when policemen were involved? {note that: on 05/10/2001, another roommate, Mr. Long-Teik Chua were trying to get into violence with me (well, ANOTHER one), and I contacted the police [“Document Easily Available]}, Considering my legal background and knowledge? or its because someone extremely powerful is behind this?! (4) I do not believe that there was any type of 911 recording or 911 emergency report before I was arrested. IF so, are you surprised that Mr. Robert S. Driegert was Mrs.Lan-Che Chu’s attorney?!

—————– (IV). How Related to my Inventions (part A)—————-Let me first briefly describe some of the irregularity during the patent application proceedings for the e-Doll invention (see above). The case has been pending since April 1997. Simply put, the official Office Actions by the Examiners of the USPTO (Patent & Trademark Office) are simply outrageous. For examples, if you have any type of legal knowledge, you would know that your argument should be supported by prior case law or legal precedent {the USPTO has extensive training program and published Manual of Patent Examination Procedure (or MPEP Chapters 7 & 21) for such}. When I requested the Examiners to do so, the response was, (guess what) they cited two wrong case law!!! (i.e., the case law cited supports my argument instead of theirs!!!). Then After I so point out, in the Answer to my Appeal brief, the Examiners states that their rejections of claims are based on their understanding of the invention and prior art, “not on legal argument” [Document Available], which simply means that someone is ABOVE THE LAW !!! (there are many other irregularities)

My troubles started when I tried to obtain certified copies of some of the application files from the USPTO, since I could use them for lawsuit against the USPTO’s Examination group: (1) From December 2000 to April 2001, I tried to obtain the certified copies of some files from the Document Supply division of the USPTO. I submitted payment FOUR (4) times [Document Available] and written communication at least five or six times [Document Available], and many more telephone contact. I was not able to obtain those certified copies. (Again, there are many other irregularities) (2) At the beginning of Jan 2001, I filed two incident reports to both the Arlington Police Dept. (I lived in an apartment in Arlington TX at that time) and the apartment managers [Document Available] regarding the fact that someone broke into my apartment (nothing was missing, but someone was trying to tell me that they have access to my apartment) (3) In the middle of March 2001, I started to contact the Commissioner office of the USPTO regarding the certified copies. (4) On March 18, 2001, I contacted the Arlington Police Dept. and fire Dept. regarding someone injecting some kind of chemical gas into my apartment [Document Could be Available], and filed a written report therefore to the apartment manager [Document Available]. The fire dept officers involved were Mr. P.R. Blair, Mr. S.D. Eck and Mr. Votaw (according to their uniform). The police officers were Mr. Pewitt (badge # 1695) and Mr. Lang (badge # 617) (5) On 03/26/2001, I filed a written petition to the Commissioner Office of USPTO via fax regarding the certified copies, and contacted them by phone several times the next few days. (6) On 04/02/2001, I paid the rent for the month of April (I signed the renewal of apartment lease in Feb. 2001) [Document Attached]; (7) From 04/04/2001 to 04/05/2001, I lived in my car for two days and nights because the chemical gas in my apartment was too strong. (8) On 04/06/2001, I moved into Ms. Lan-Che Chu’s house in response to their ad for housemate (see above) (9) On 05/13/2001, they arrested my from Ms. Lan-Che Chu’s house and put me in jail for 4 days [Document Available]. (10) From 05/18/2001 to Sept. 2001, I lived in a very cheap motel in Arlington (on division street), and started the job of flipping burger in a Sonic Drive-In nearby, during which, I found out that they canceled the credit line of my credit card (see above) (11) On 06/28/2001, while on my way to filing the lawsuit, I found out that someone disabled the cooling system of my car. I could not drive the car anymore within a few days. And I started asking ride to go to the Chinese church. (12) In July, I lost my job in Sonic Drive-In. (13) In Sep. 2001, I moved into another motel on the Division street. A church friend found me a car. (14) In Nov. 2001, my church friend let me stay in one of his friends’ apartment in Carrollton. And I started working at the ice cream store Baskin Robbins in Carrollton. (15) In March 2002, I moved to a Chinese landlord’s house in Plano in response to their ad for housemate.

—————– (IV). The TORTURES —————- My trouble started again one month after I moved to the Plano. A stalker moved in, living right next to my room. For a period of more than a month, while working at the Baskin Robbins, often that there were many many customers came in and order “Rocky Road” ice cream. Then the next day after I wake up, I would found out that some part of my body CHANGE COLOR!!! For examples, I found that my tongue became green several times!!! The things came out of the body when I went to the rest room became GREEN many many times!!! Sometime its so severe that the things came out of my body looked like PURE chemical waste contaminating the water in the toilet!!!!!! Isn’t that torture???!!! I guarantee that the landlord knew that strangers came into the house at night often while I was sleeping.

—————– (V). How Related to my Inventions (part B)—————-I believe that right now, there are more than one political groups stalking me, and my current situation is the result of compromise among these powers. My current situation is, I am allowed to survive by working at the Baskin Robbins in Plano (another ice cream store), and maybe get some extra working hours, but I have to suffer for it.

With respect to my invention, recently, on 12/16/2002, USPTO’s Board of Patent Appeal reversed the examiner’s rejecting of claims. Thus, all claims are allowed. To me, it means the start of another new round of violence.

From the end of December 2002 to now, there have numerous incidents while I working at the Baskin Robbins store — Small incidents are almost routine, and the Plano Police were involved three times for the past seven weeks [Document Easily Available].

Recently, they started to let me feel blood.

Three days ago, on 02/18/2003, one of the customer routinely coming to the store (with a child) looking for small troubles (such as taking thing behind the counter without asking) showed up again (most of the time, I am the only one in the store, and when its slow, there is only one or two customers). This time, he was prepared — he got a witness, a woman with him. And he got corporation — I could not used the telephone of the store to dial 911, and th

other phone was missing !!! After we went into argument, I went to the next door to let them call 911 [911 Record Easily Available]. After I came back to the store, while arguing with him, he started punching my face, many times (It appeared that he knew that I was not able to dial 911 from the store, but he did not know I asked the next door to call 911). My face and hand were bleeding, my glasses were broken. Then I went outside and shout “HELP!!! HELP!!!…” very loud. (I did not fight back AT ALL). Then he and the woman tried to get away with the car. The Woman started the engine and moved the car. I tried VERY VERY hard to block him from getting into the car, and shout “HELP!!! HELP!!!…”, “WAIT FOR THE POLICE!!!” “HELP!!! HELP!!!…” The first policeman must have heard my voice and must have noticed that they were trying to get away. The policemen took pictures of my bleeding faces and hands and broken glasses [Document Easily Available], but they refused to arrest the guy. I was still loosing my voice (from shout “HELP!!!”) while talking to Garry of local Fox TV station’s new division the next day. [his email: [email protected]]

That night, I stayed outside a French Consulate Office in Dallas the whole night. The next day, I tried to seek political silent with the French Consulate. I was not sure if its appropriate. Anyway, the request was refused.

Right now, my only choice is to send out as many e-mail as I can to tell my story

Shalong [email protected](972) 387-5017