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1/30/03 – Police Log

Wednesday, January 15

11:20am- In the McCormack Building, the alarm company was working on fire alarms and accidentally set an alarm off during their work.

1:07pm- Larceny in the Administration Building: Someone reported their wallet stolen. The wallet was later turned in to the campus police, less some of the cash which was in it earlier that day.

5:23pm- In Wheatley Hall, a student was feeling ill and requested medical assistance. The person was evaluated and did not require hospital care. Campus police did, however, give the person a lift to the MBTA stop.

Thursday, January 16

8:12am- In the McCormack Building, a smoke detector accidentally went off.

1:27pm- Police received a 9-1-1 call from the Healey Library, but the person hung up the phone when the call reached police. An officer went over to the place the call came from and requested an explanation, the flustered caller insisted they had called 9-1-1 by mistake.

Tuesday, January 21

3:19pm- Larceny from an office in the Clark Center.

Wednesday, January 22

4:13pm- Wallet stolen from the Healey Building.

Thursday, January 23

11:25am- A suspicious person was reported in the Healey Building. When campus police went to check it out, there was no sign of said suspicious person. Hmmm, doubly suspicious.

3:58pm- In the Upper Level of the Science Building garage there was a minor accident with property damage.

Friday, January 24

5:55pm- Campus police received a report of a fire in the North Lot. There was a fire there but it was contained and controlled within a propane heater. Seems some of the folks working on the construction of the new Campus Center were freezing and were using the heater to combat the cold. Someone saw the flame from afar and, understandably, called campus police.

Sunday, January 26

4:53pm- An injured hockey player in the Clark Athletic Center required medical assistance.

11:35pm- Unable to function any longer due to the bitter cold, the valve on one of the sprinkler heads caused a false fire alarm to occur in the McCormack Building.

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