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Police Log – 2/13/03

Monday, February 3

7:45am- Report of missing computer parts in the administration building facilities office.

8:31am- A woman from the Administration building reported being the recipient of harassing phone calls.

2:16pm- A wallet was reported missing from the coffee cart area of the Quinn Administration Building.

4:43pm- The Bursar’s office experienced alarm malfunctions.

Tuesday, February 4

5:35pm- An unattended bag was stolen from the Healey Building.

5:48pm- Yet again, some one reported a missing item from Healey. Beware of the Healey Phantom!

5:50pm- In the Healey building, a computer lab attendant and a student had a disagreement, possibly over the identity of the Healey Phantom. The disagreement was, however, resolved.

6:56pm-A small fire was reported in the McCormack Building. There was no need for fire fighters, because a heroic professor put it out.

8:39pm- Property was recovered from the Service Building.

Thursday, February 6

1:11pm- The Healey Phantom strikes again, stealing yet another backpack from the Healey building.

8:40pm- A suspicious vehicle was reported in the lower garage. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the driver of the vehicle was having car problems and driving around slowly in an effort to figure out the car’s problem. Most likely, the problem was the driver.

Friday, February 7

11:14am- An accident occurred on University Drive South when an inbound car was disabled with a flat tire. The driver waited for AAA.

11:37am- In the Administration Building, a bit of drama occurred. A young woman entered health services and reported that she and her boyfriend were being followed by another man. Officers responded, and convinced one of the men to go to Boston Medical.

12:26pm- Property was recovered in Wheatley Hall, when a party retrieved their wallet from lost and found, thus proving that something really can be lost and then found.

1:17pm- A car accident occurred on University Drive East when a car skidded on the snow and hit a jersey barrier in the south lot. Only the car was injured.

3:59pm- The Boston Fire Department responded to a false fire alarm in Wheatley Hall. Everything was okay, the alarm was reset, and the fire fighting professor was not needed.