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A Campos View – 2/13/03

Do you know who is the most dominating basketball team in the United States today? (Kudos to those who get it on the first try.)

It’s the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team.

There really is no argument. On Saturday February 8, the Huskies dispatched the Eagles of Boston College, 83-75. The victory was number 61 in a row for UConn, a streak that is truly one for the ages.

But they are a team of “girls” and therefore are ignored for the most part by the sports world.

The defending NCAA Division I champions are well on their way to another title. Their male counterparts have had similar success within the last couple of years (NCAA title in 1999) but the women’s team has displayed a superiority over their opponents that has not been seen on the collegiate level, men or women’s for quite some time. They captured two titles within the last three years and took home a third back in 1995. Although the overall numbers may not be mind blowing, those who watch these athletes will attest to their near-invincible play.

Nearly two weeks ago, the Huskies played the number one team in the nation, the Duke Blue Devils, and schooled them. (How UConn was even ranked as the second best team, I will never understand.)

Now I want to make one thing perfectly clear: the Blue Devil team is a fine basketball team that has some terrific players, most notably the energetic Alana Beard. But UConn hunkered down, executed their game plan, and came away with the victory.

It seems like it would be a simple thing to do, but UConn is one of the few teams that beat you with precise execution, whether it is on the glass, the pass, or defense. And scoring has never been that much of a problem, having had such players as Rebecca Lobo and Sue Bird pass through Storrs.

Championship teams have great players and UConn has been no exception. But what separates UConn from their rest of the pack is their belief in T-E-A-M, manifested by the hustle and mental concentration displayed on the court. Few teams have ever had the synchronization that the Huskies do. It is a rare and wonderful occurrence that should be appreciated while it lasts.

So the next time you feel like checking out some hoop action on television, skim the TV Guide channel to see if the Huskies are on. They won’t play many times on the major networks, but if you have ESPN2, then you have a good shot of watching them. Give it a try; you won’t be disappointed.