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Once again, drugs and athletes are back in the news. Another death in professional sports due to an “enhancement” supplement. Baltimore Oriole pitcher Steve Belcher died from apparent heat stroke early last week. Belcher’s death may have had something to do with Xenadrine RFA-1, a popular ephedra product used by some major league baseball players. The National Football League, the NCAA, and the International Olympic Committee have all banned the substance. I wonder why? Baseball still doesn’t get it, and I don’t think it ever will.

So, what is the bigger story in the NBA: Kobe Bryant or Yao Ming? Bryant has gone nuts in the scoring department having registered eight consecutive games with 40 points (as of February 23). This is a streak reminiscent of a young Jordan. Ming, on the other hand, done so unexpectedly well in his first season playing basketball in the United States. Ming’s success will undoubtedly create a new wave of interest in scouting the Far East. My vote: Mr. Ming. If his development continues, he will become the new force in the middle (overtaking even Shaq) in the next three years.

The Boston Celtics really have no clue of what they’re doing. The team recently traded Shammond Williams for center Mark Blount, a player that wore the Green last season. So they send a legitimate outside threat packing and invite back a lethargic, offensively challenged redwood of a basketball player. Believe me, he’s no defensive stud either. The only reason that he’ll play is because he’s actually a better player at this moment in time than Vin Baker.

Mike Tyson. New tatoo. First round knockout of opponent. How thrilling. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

The NFL draft is fast approaching, and the Pats have two first round picks. It is imperative that they score with both picks. Every team in the AFC East division has talent to be competitive next season, and if the Patriots don’t want to be cellar dwellers, then two productive first year players will need to be a part of the team’s makeup. The Bill Belichick regime has not been terribly successful in their draft selections. It must hit the mark, (hopefully more than once) this April.

Apparently, there is going to be a delay in the construction of seats for the Green Monster. I am not sure why, but the whole idea sounds preposterous. All this because a new stadium can’t get built. There’s just one word to describe the whole affair: sad.

Hockey, a truly great game, is suffering from an inflated sense of itself. Unfortunately, the powers that be (owners and league officials) can’t understand that. It wants to be the NBA or NFL, but the sport’s appeal is completely regional. It never will catch on in the Sunbelt, Southwest or West Coast enough to make it big. They’ll only find out when it’s too late and the league folds.