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Police Log

Police Log is Back

Monday, October 20

4:34pm-Student walked in to report harassment by another student.

4:49pm-Brush fire was reported near Morrissey Blvd. We feel for you, California. No fire was found.

5:43pm-Another fire reported in the same place. This time, smoldering mulch was extinguished.

7:27pm-Suspicious vehicle reported in the North Lot next to the trailers. They worked here.

Tuesday, October 21

12:32am-Suspicious vehicle reported. It was an employee’s car. No word on what the vehicle was suspicious of.

10:50am-Fire reported on Bianculli Blvd. A flowerbed was extinguished. No homes were destroyed in the blaze.

8:47pm-Suspicious vehicle reported on University Drive East. Everything was OK.

11:02pm-A suspicious vehicle was checked and released. I’m beginning to think these vehicles are paranoid.

Wednesday, October 22

9:21am-A motor vehicle and a toll ticket dispenser had an argument. Damage reported to the car.

12:47pm-There was a sprained ankle at the Clark Center. It might have been a hockey player.

2:22pm-A woman reported being struck by a vehicle. She claimed to be injured, but the incident happened the day before.

6:51pm-Larceny reported at the Healey Library.

9:56pm-A toll attendant reported a suspicious group under McCormack.

Friday, October 24

9:12am-Larceny in the Clark Center.

11:51am-Larceny in Wheatley. Coincidence?

12:33pm-Car reported damaged in the UL garage.

Saturday, October 25

2:41pm-9-1-1 hang-up from Wheatley.

4:16pm-Someone had a seizure in the Healey Library.

Sunday, October 26

12:58pm-9-1-1 hang-up in Quinn.

6:24pm-A party had chest pain in the McCormack Building.

7:08pm-False fire alarm in McCormack due to mechanical failure.

9:18pm-Passenger taken into custody on a warrant check during a traffic stop. Yes, the UMB PD can do that.

10:00pm-Hockey player assisted in the Clark Center.

Monday, October 27

8:56am-Books reported vandalized in the Healey Library.

2:25pm-Motor vehicle reported broken into on the UL under McCormack.

Tuesday, October 28

2:33pm-Motor vehicle reported broken into on the LL under McCormack.

2:55pm-Larceny reported in Wheatley.

3:59pm-Disorderly party reported in the Clark Center. Police found he had already left.

4:46pm-The party was found and taken to BMC for psychiatric evaluation. That’s quite a party.

6:14pm-9-1-1 hang-up in the Service Building.

7:19pm-Fire alarm at the new campus center. It only went off in the building.

9:45pm-A woman reported screaming in the McCormack building. Turns out they were doing their job.

Wednesday, October 29

11:53am-No injuries after an accident on University Drive North.

1:56pm-Larceny in Wheatley Hall.

6:24pm-Someone was taken from the Quinn Building for a psychiatric evaluation.

Thursday, October 30

2:42pm-Hit-and-run on University Drive East.

3:16pm-Larceny in Wheatley. Just knock it off, ok?

Friday, October 31, Halloween

10:22am-Subpeonas handed out from a nameless federal agency. Yikes.

1:16pm-Person having difficulty in McCormack removed by ambulance.

10:10am-Basketball player medically assisted in the Clark Center.

Saturday, November 1

4:06pm-a whole bunch of 9-1-1 hang-ups by those annoying little kids. Their conselors were spoken to.