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Chancellor to apologize

Dear Editors and readers,

I will spare the lengthy details and histories of my experiences at UMB, most everyone who needs to know what I went through does.

Mr. Pham expects some time of public apology from the administartion and I would like to express a simple sentiment for him:

HA! Are you out of your mind or just someone who doesn’t get it yet?

Mr Pham, you know what happened to me. They didn’t apologize when they illegally covered up my victimization. They also didn’t apologize when they admitted they didn’t believe me because Ms. Dawood was a woman. They haven’t apologized for the fact that my life was completely altered by their negligence. They still haven’t apologized for the fact that I was right in saying that the university has no capacity to manage Student Affairs when we found out the president was not even a student.

You think you or anyone is getting an apology? You should have listened to me when you had the chance.

Christopher Garner