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Police Log

Tuesday, October 14

12:03pm – A department in the Science Center called to warn campus police of someone who had been terminated and who would be coming round again to collect their things. The person never showed up.12:58pm – Larceny in the Healey Library.3:00pm – Hit-and-run over at McCormack Hall.3:38pm – Another hit-and-run over by McCormack.

Wednesday, October 15

11:32am – Person was caught stealing food from McCormack cafeteria.2:08pm – Officers responded to a pipe overflow alarm in Wheatley Hall.2:36pm – Damage reported to a car in the Administration Building.

Thursday, October 16

4:01pm – Party’s car was involved in a hit-and-run on University Drive East.

Friday, October 17

12:00pm – Larceny in the Healey Library.12:54pm – Larceny reported on University Drive West.1:30pm – Hit-and-run on University Drive North.

Sunday, October 19

5:35pm – Assault reported by the bus shelter. Two kids were harassing a man. They were charged with assault and trespassing. At 5:50pm, police reportedly gave medical aid to the victim.