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Romney Appoints Three Trustees

A three-time former university president, a Lucent Technologies executive, and a medical leader round out the list of Governor Mitt Romney’s appointees to the UMass Board of Trustees, reports Associated Press.

John DiBiaggio has been president of Tufts University, University of Connecticut, and Michigan State University. Dr. Christine Cassel, president of the American Board of Internal Medicine, is a graduate of the UMass medical school in Worcester. William O’Shea, president of Bell Labs of Lucent Technologies, received his bachelor’s degree from Lowell Technological Institute, before it turned into UMass Lowell. In accordance with board bylaws, two appointees must be graduates of UMass.

There are twenty-two members of the board, each with a term of five years, with the exception of five student trustees, who are elected yearly by their respective student bodies.

Dem Convention Chief Might Visit UMB

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson might be dropping by UMass Boston to discuss the upcoming Democratic Convention in July 2004.

Plans are still tentative due to scheduling issues. Richardson’s office called the university last week, and was directed to the Student Senate and Graduate Student Assembly.

Richardson, who is chairing the convention, plans to speak specifically on getting young people more involved in politics, and an essay contest, where students write on why politics should be important to youth. Winners of the essay contest will have the chance to address the convention.

UMass Amherst Riots Over Red Sox Win

Five police officers and three UMass Amherst students were injured in a celebration turned dangerous after a Red Sox win against the Angels on Saturday, October 4, according to the Massachusetts Daily Collegian.

Rioters overturned two cars, lit bonfires, and shot off fireworks, causing an estimated $20,000 in campus damages. People continued to gather in the Southwest area, even as thirty UMass police officers were sent over. Police were injured from rocks thrown by the rioters. The riot was not quelled until well after midnight. Two arrests were made. Neither was a UMass Amherst student.

Sodexho Class Action Suit To Go Forward

The Supreme Court Monday declined to stop a possible billion-dollar class action discrimination lawsuit against Sodexho Marriot Food Services, Inc.

The company calls the case, Sodexho Marriott Services v. McReynolds, the largest ever, with 2,600 current and former black managers suing it.

“Lawyers for the suing workers disputed the $1 billion amount and said that they have not sought specific damages,” according to Associated Press reports. “They want the company to revise its promotion procedures.”

UMass currently has a contract with Sodexho Food Services.