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Police Log

September 29

4:00pm- An after-the-fact larceny reported in the Wheatley building.

September 30

5:35pm- A 9-1-1 hang-up in the McCormack building.

7:05pm- A party reported a hit and run in the North Lot.

9:20pm- A party came to the Public Safety Office to report he had been assaulted by a group of four men in a catwalk. He said he had last seen them by the bookstore, and then he left.

October 1

9:45am- An ambulance was reported on the lower busway. It carted off an MBTA driver with chest pains.

October 2

9:20am- A false alarm in the McCormack building.

7:47pm- An automated intrusion alarm went off. Police checked the vicinity, but it was clear.

11:40pm- Hockey players drinking beer in the UL garage. This will be a regularly scheduled part of police log from now on.

October 3

4:30pm- A woman reported her wallet stolen.

11:05pm- An intoxicated male was escorted from campus to the Pine Street Inn. That’s one way to get a taxi…

October 4

10:45am- A party reported a vandalized vehicle under McCormack. Maybe that’s enough parties, huh?

October 6

3:35pm- A Dell laptop computer reported stolen from the library. Dude, you need to give that back.

7:35pm- Hit-and-run reported under the Science Center. We warned you about the scientists…

9:40pm- Boston EMS took an injured hockey player to the Boston MC.

October 7

5:30pm- Health Services ordered an ambulance for an university staffer.

October 8

10:13am- A call box malfunctioned in the Adaptive Computing Lab which resulted in a 9-1-1 hang-up. Watch out for the computer scientists too.

October 9

9:25am- The alarm went off in the greenhouse. A greenhouse worker found there did not know the code and was escorted out.

4:00pm- A motor vehicle was broken into and some items were reported stolen.

October 10

7:45am- A caller reported the theft of six jersey barriers from campus. A jersey barrier is ten feet long and weighs 6,000 pounds. Anyone who saw the getaway locomotive should call it in.

1:33pm- A student was reported unconscious in the McCormack building. He regained consciousness and refused medical treatment shortly before class ended.

October 11

7:35am- A false alarm reported in the Design and Construction Office. Didn’t know we had one of those, did you?

1:00pm- A boat trailer from the sailing program was reported stolen after the fact.