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Police Log

Monday, September 8

11:56pm – Hockey players who rent the rink were caught drinking at the Clark Center.

Tuesday, September 9

10:46am – Person down by the busing area near Quinn Admin Building was bothering passersby. Police sent him on his way.

2:10pm – Student threatened by another student in McCormack Hall. And it’s not even midterms yet.

2:23pm – Person slipped in the catwalk and injured themselves.

Wednesday, September 10

8:20am – Unauthorized persons were caught in Wheatley Hall.

9:53am – Items were reported taken from a teacher’s office in Wheatley.

10:40am – The same person charged with disorderly conduct the day before came back with some bubbly in them. Police put them in protective custody.

Thursday, September 11

8:06am – Two inbound cars struck each other on Bianculli Drive, with one person ending up in the hospital. The person was treated and released.

10:15am – Two cars collided on University Drive South. The drivers exchanged papers.

2:09pm – Suspicious person was reported to be frequenting the library. No word on if it was Attorney General Ashcroft, in town that day to promote the Patriot Act, which includes forcing libraries to turn over information to the government.

4:04pm – Dissatisfied customer, probably not the last one, either, reported to be acting up in the Academic Support offices in McCormack.

Friday, September 12

5:24pm – Larceny reported in the Clark Center athletic offices.

Saturday, September 13

12:00am – False fire alarm went off in McCormack due to sprinklers. Same thing happened again at 4:51am.