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Police Log

August 25

10:40am- The alarm on the PeopleSoft trailer went off. It checked out as secure.

3:00pm- A towline struck a car in the lower garage. No word on what the car said to the towline.

August 26

7:51am- The window washers set off alarms at the Science Center. The scientists were not pleased.

9:03pm- A suspicious person was seen on Promenade Road. He was checked out and sent on his way.

9:21pm- A trash barrel was on fire on Promenade Road.

10:17pm- The sprinklers went off in the McCormack building. No reports of laughing children cooling off. After all, summer is over.

August 27

5:22pm- Someone had a seizure in Facilities.

August 28

1:38pm- Alarms went off accidentally in the upper garage. First the towline and now the alarms…

September 1

10:45am- Someone set off alarms in the Science Center. It was not the window washers.