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In the current turbulent environment of the public higher educational system, what with Bulger resigning, Wilson being appointed as interim president, the CURE report illustrating the budget cuts, and the high concentration of last-party-of-the-summer related hangovers on campus, we felt it was especially important to start off the new school year by introducing you to The Mass Media: The Independent Student Paper at UMass Boston.

This paper has been an organ of communication for the student body for almost forty years; making it one of the oldest continuously running student newspapers in the country.

We are an independent student newspaper, by which we mean that we are financially separate from the school’s administration and the Student Senate. The Mass Media’s editorial board consists entirely of UMB students who have full autonomy over any and all content published in the students’ weekly paper.

Freedom of the press is an extremely important right that is denied to most of the world. Our staff is committed to providing the means for maintaining a well-informed UMB community. Fortunately, we are able to do this through the generous support of our student readers.

The Mass Media is dependent upon their ten-dollar waivable fee, which appears on the students’ tuition bill. Don’t waive that fee! As you’ve noticed we also sell ad space in the paper to meet the remaining publishing costs.

We are committed to reporting on issues that relate to UMass, focusing on UMB. We also encourage readers to send letters to the editor about everything they feel is important.

There is no other unbiased source of up-to-date information about this campus more exciting and educational than The Mass Media. You’ll find the paper located in stands all around campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. You should also check us out online at www.the-mass-media.com, where you can register to receive e-mailed editions weekly.